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Transitioning Your Loved One to Memory Care

Moving can be hard on anyone, but especially difficult for someone living with dementia and their family.  Delores Athey of Thrive Senior Living joins us to give us some expert tips on making the transition easier.

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Meet Toni & Peggy

An introduction to Toni Reinhart and Peggy Breda, hosts of A Positive Brain.  Join us as we talk about what it takes to see the positive side and share our insight, humor, tools and tips with our guests. Listen here: 

Is It Dementia?

Is it dementia or just normal aging?  Here are some signs to look for and what you can do about it.  Our guest is Stephanie Mangiante from the Amen Clinic.  Check out their website at:

Nutrition and the Brain

Can what you eat ward off dementia?  How about what you don't eat? Our guest, Julie Wendt talks with us about nutrition and how it affects our brain.  Check out her website at:

Is It Safe to Travel?

Christi Clarke, Executive Director of Insight Memory Care takes people living with dementia and their caregivers on a cruise every year.  Listen to this podcast on tips for safe travel for someone living with dementia.  Check out her website:

The Power of History

Jay Newton-Small used her experience as a writer for Time Magazine to tell her father's story, helping him receive better care and maintain better connections as he aged.  Listen as we explore how a well-told personal history improves everyone's quality of life.  Check out her website at: